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Since its' inception, with awareness that success can only be achieved by quality service presentation in a field such as Aviation which is extremely competitive, Delta has always aimed at being the first and foremost choice amongst its' competitors by providing quality, fast and reliable air cargo services to and from all its' destinations.

Alongside air cargo transportation, Delta provides a full spectrum of services to its' clients including internal shipments, insurance, packing and other cargo deliveries.

Delta provides air cargo transportation services from anywhere around the world to all airports or right to your door. Special partnerships and deals struck with the most respected airlines around the world enable Delta to get the best prices and placement for all shipments which we are more then happy to share with our clients and authorized agents. It is safe to say that Delta is becoming a pioneer and frontrunner in its' own field through its' experience and dedication to providing the best service possible.

After its' application for an IATA license back in 2004, Delta was was selected as an official IATA agent after an extensive inspection by the most respected airlines around the world nominated by IATA.

Delta provides an efficient consolidated service With its' network across 5 continents and elite partners. Some of the other Delta's services include off-the-peg cloth shipments, quality control, custom clearance and logistics.

Delta International Transportation Co Ltd. flying out of all major airports around the world aims to provide air transportation services with the following considerations in mind ;

a) Becoming a reputable brand in Turkish and world air cargo transportation sector.

b) Providing air transportation services to and from all destinations on a domastic and international basis for clients and agents with cargo potential as well combining various options such us air+land, air+land+sea , rail+sea+land, to provide the fastest cargo transportation service possible.

c) Providing logistic assistance for our clients with DDU and DDP service options for import and export cargo needs such as Port to Port, Door to Door, Door to Port.

d) Taking advantage of Turkey's geographical position amongst Turkish Republics in Middle Asia, Middle East, Far East and Europen countries by becoming a continental bridge and providing logistics services to all continents thus ultimately becoming a logistics center in Turkey.

e) Delta aims to grow its' logistics network at all dimensions by providing high quality services to answer the needs of its' market.

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