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Another important service Delta Kargo provides it's valuable customers is the professional and safe storage of your precious cargo before its' shipment to its' international destination or before delivery to its' receiver by our expert staff including loading and discharge.

Delta Kargo safe storage service advantages include but not limited to, careful loading and discharge operations by our expert staff, stock control of your goods and commodities, fully computerized process of following all entry and exits as well as weekly reports.

All goods and commodities brought into Turkish Customs' Zone which are not within free circulation are regarded as temporarily stored goods until they have been authorized and processed by the customs services.

For all goods and commodities brought into Turkish Customs' Zone and presented to the customs, goods re-exported outside the custom zone or left within the customs for destruction or other problems, custom clearance documentation must be completed within 45 days after submitting initial customs declaration summary. For all other goods arriving with different methods, customs process and documentation must be completed within 20 days.

Our storage service provides our clients the opportunity to get their goods and commodities stored in contracted duty-free and dutiable warehouses continuously until the customs clearance process gets completed at their own convenience.

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